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(log) Welcome Back Schwarz, Part 2: Crawford and Hanae

Cast: Crawford and Hanae (Manx)
Players: Moonsong & Lyra
Notes: The other section of Schwarz's homecoming, this time with Hanae trying to take care of Crawford...

Hanae: *hears the door open and looks up from the computer quizzically*

Crawford: ... *sighs, heads towards his rooms* Nagi report back to me at 1600. and don't forget Farfarello.

Nagi: *nods, holding Farfie's leash, leads him through and locks the door, heading for the basement*

Crawford: *enters his office even before his suite to write up their report*

Hanae: *glances up from where she's typing on her laptop* Welcome back.

Crawford: *looks up briefly on his way to his desk* Hanae. *places his briefcase on the smooth surface and reaches down to flip the cpu on, sinking into his leather chair with an almost inaudible sigh*

Hanae: Hai. *seemingly returns her attention to whatever she's working on*

Crawford: *waits for his comp to boot up, eyes fixed distantly on the screen*

Hanae: *glances at him momentarily, sets her laptop aside, and disappears for a moment before coming back with a cup of coffee for him*

Crawford: *looks up as she returns, takes the cup, fingers brushing against hers briefly- his only concession to affection at the moment* Thank you. *sips noting that she's made it perfectly once again- strong with one sugar*

Hanae: *slight smile* You're welcome. Did you need anything else? *can tell he's tired*

Crawford: I'm fine. *relaxes a bit in his seat, leaning subconsciously in her general direction, waiting for his programs to load*

Hanae: *tilts her head, regarding him calmly, as she wonders what kind of condition his back is in since his muscles knot when he's tense for very long* All right. *sets her hand on his shoulder for a brief moment before turning to go back to her laptop, trying to check to see if she should offer him a massage*

Crawford: *tilts head side to side a bit, stretching out his neck, trying to focus on the screen*

Hanae: *stares at him for a second more, then moves behind him and begins to massage his shoulders and neck*

Crawford: *tries to stay on task for a moment but then closes his eyes, relaxing minutely under her touch* Hanae.. *unsure himself as to whether it's a request to stop or go on*

Hanae: *pauses, waiting for him to tell her what he wants, knowing that it will probably be to stop* Hai?

Did he want her to stop? No... but he knew he'd never get any work done if she kept up her ministrations. Though having Schuldig bitch and rail at him tried his patience to the limits- as it often had- he was grateful that he'd run the telepath almost to exhaustion. He didn't need anyone snickering in his head to bear witness to his indecision.

Finally, he settled on something short, factual, and non-commital. "My report."

"Of course," Hanae murmured, sliding her hands from his shoulders and moving back over to where her laptop was set up on the coffee table in the room. Knowing that she was probably a distraction for him, she pondered leaving so he could have a bit of peace and quiet.

Regret. He missed her loss already. Still, it was probably for the best. His eyes glued to the screen, Crawford recounted every detail, every attempt and failure of their last mission- and stopped not even halfway through. The words swam before his eyes and he was forced to take his glasses off, rubbing the bridge of his nose as he tried to focus.

Hanae glanced up from where she was quietly typing, hearing the minute sound of his clothing rustling as he moved. Watching him for a few minutes, she could clearly see that he was exhausted. "Maybe you should get some rest before you do anymore work?" She thought briefly about offering to type it for him, with him dictating, but discarded that idea, knowing he'd refuse.

"More coffee."

Frowning, Hanae saved her work and stood, coming over to get his coffee mug before going to fill it again. He was going to push himself to his limit and beyond if he had to, she knew it...and hated it. It was hard trying to take care of him when he refused to let her do more than just very basic things. "Here," she murmured, setting it down on the coaster he had to protect his desk.

Sliding his glasses back on, Crawford muttered something that could have been 'thanks' and took the cup, blowing on the liquid to cool it before taking a sip. Sensing she was about to withdraw again, he reached for her hand, feeling more than seeing its current position, and placed it gently on his shoulder, an unspoken request to stay.

Blinking slightly, Hanae squeezed his shoulder momentarily as assurance that she would. She pushed her hair back from her face before bringing the chair in front of his desk around so she could sit beside him, staying quiet so not to distract him from his work.

Unsure why he suddenly wanted her to stay but pleased she did so, Crawford resumed his task, sipping occasionally at his coffee, fingers fairly flying over the keyboard. The sooner he got this done the sooner he'd be able to rest.

Hanae watched him work, mind wandering a little as she did. Considering he was tired, she really didn't expect him to want to eat, but she'd cook anyway. That way if he was hungry later on, he could just reheat it. The closeness and quiet were both nice. It had been lonely without him.

He was almost finished when he ran out of coffee again. Not wanting to break their comfortable silence, he just placed the cup back down and continued.

She gave a soft yawn, closing her eyes for a moment. It'd been a long day, and she'd been awake and working for most of it.

Finally. He was finished. With an inaudible sigh, Crawford saved his file and encrypted it, ready for Nagi to send in with their stats and expense reports. Shutting his system down, he turned to her, having noticed her yawn. "Tired?" It was a rhetorical question but he felt compelled to break their silence. The mission was over. He could finally relax.

"Slightly," she confirmed, glancing at him. "I've been up since seven. Are you hungry?" Hanae needed to put her laptop away, but she was loathe to get up just yet.

He shook his head. "I'm fine." Of course he was fine. He was always fine. Even here in his own home, he was hard pressed to say otherwise.

"Of course." There was nothing she could really say to that. He hated it if you kept pushing, the only one that really did and got away with it was Schuldig, and even then he found ways to make the telepath pay for getting that way. She fell silent for another long moment, then got up, moving to turn her laptop off and place it back into it's carrying case.

Turning, he followed suit, packing up his briefcase and moved to wait for her at the doorway.

Shouldering the case, Hanae stood and quietly followed him to the door, giving another faint smile. She'd let him decide whether he wanted company or not.

"Do you have plans?" The question was voiced softly, almost overpowered by the several mechanicsms clicking and whirring in the door as he locked up.

"Iya, not today." Listening to the mechanisms clicking, she turned her attention back to him. "Just trying to decide on what I should cook tonight."

An almost thoughtful look passed briefly over his otherwise blank face. "Do you know what Nagi would like?"

"Nagi? Perhaps tempura...or udon. He seems like he would like traditional meals."

"Are either of those something you would know how to make? He will be reporting to me later and I would like to have him eat something more substantial than the junk food Youji typically cooks up." He paused, realizing he had just made a rather gross assumption. "That is of course, if you would not be adverse to having us both share your meal?" If he could have blushed, he might well have. But Brad Crawford did not do such things. So he didn't.

"That would be fine. Do you prefer tempura or udon?" Typically, Hanae avoided making things that needed to be fried, just because she hated hot oil. Accidents while cooking tended to make her skittish about some meals. Perhaps she could make the udon along with some sushi. She was fairly certain she had some salmon left from the other day.

"Udon," he replied decisively. A healthy meal did not typically involve large quantities of fat. Batter and fry a vegetable and one might as well siphon the nutrients out of it.

"All right. Udon it is." She could make that, and the salmon rolls she was thinking about, and it would be a good enough meal. She had to go grocery shopping sometime this week, but she would put it off for as long as she could.

"Thank you," he allowed himself to smile. "We will be there at six?"

Hanae inclined her head in agreement. "Perfect. Everything should be finished by then."

Arrangements made, he inclined his head in farewell, and made his way to his suite.
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