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(log) (PG) Welcome Back Schwarz: Schuldig, Ayan, Yotan

Cast: Schuldig, Ayan, and Yotan
Players: Moonsong & Lyra
Notes: Schwarz arrives back at the musehouse after two weeks away on a mission. Ayan (and Yotan) get to take care of an exhausted Schu.

Crawford: *unlocks door----*

Schuldig: ~.~ *shoves crawlie over, throwing the door open and making straight for the stairs, dragging himself up*

Schuldig: // kitten? *dead* // *still crawling upstairs*

Ayan: //I'm here...// *moves to open the apartment door*

Schuldig: // my brain hurts. // *comes into view, hair askew, eyes haggard*

Ayan: *eyes widen and moves forward to wrap his arms around Schu and tug him into the apartment*

Schuldig: *follows like a meek puppy, head pounding with every step, trying not to let it show*

Ayan: *pulls him inside, looks him over, and tugs him towards the bedroom* No shower yet, I think...

Schuldig: // i feel like shit. // *head bowed, walks a few steps before stopping*

Ayan: *frowning* //I'm going to beat him for letting you get like this...// *drags him into the room, starts undressing him*

Schuldig: *lets him move his tired limbs around like a doll, completely trusting him in this way* // he promised me a vacation at least. //

Ayan: *finishes undressing Schu and helps him into a pair of pajama pants, then props him against the pillows, reaching up to massage his scalp* //That's something, I guess. I'm still going to have a talk with him.//

Schuldig: *slides down to pillow his head on ayan's chest for a change, curling slightly against him wordlessly*

Ayan: *holds Schu close, still massaging his head to try and help the headache* //Missed you.//

Schuldig: // too. // *rests hand flat on ayan's stomach*

Ayan: *stays quiet, just petting Schu, letting him rest*

Schuldig: *actually snuggles in further, headache easing somewhat, relaxing at the feel of ayan's cool skin against his*

Ayan: *smiles faintly, kissing Schu's forehead and holds him close, still rubbing his scalp*

Schuldig: *getting relaxed enough to pout* //damn that bastard. if he hadn't run me ragged this would have been a better homecoming.// ~.~

Ayan: *kisses Schu* //Daijoubu. We'll make up for it later, okay? Besides, I'm tired too.//

Schuldig: *growls* // they better have taken good care of you. //

Ayan: //They did. Don't worry about me, Schu. They fed me and made sure I slept and had no time alone to be mopey, okay?//

Yotan: *bursts into the room* Soup's on!

Ayan: *looks up* I think you'll have to bring it in here, if that's okay. Schu's in no shape to get up. *has that slightly ticked look in the back of his eyes*

Yotan: *had anticipated, enters the bedroom with a tray- schu's favorite soup, and tea for both of them balanced perfectly on it, along with an apple, two grapes, and a banana arranged in a happy face*

Ayan: *smiles slightly* Arigato, Yotan. //Feel like sitting up and eating, Schu?//

Schuldig: *pouts at having his kitten time interrupted*

Yotan: *waggles finger at him* na-uh. Got time for that later. You need food.

Schuldig: *mimes biting the finger but struggles to sit up, groggy*

Ayan: //Your kitten isn't going anywhere.// *helps Schu sit up, brushing his hair back from his face* //I'll even feed you if you want.//

Yotan: *biting lip to keep from making a crack about that*

Ayan: *gives Yotan a warning look*

Schuldig: *leans against Ayan, scowling, knowing Yotan's trying not to make a crack about that, lets the blond arrange the tray on top of his legs, staring at the soup as if it were made of pig swill*

Ayan: *watches Schu for a moment, then reaches over and picks up the spoon, showing that he really will try to feed the German if he wouldn't eat on his own*

Yotan: *tongue pokes out from between his lips, horribly horribly amused*

Schuldig: *scowls and picks up the spoon, sips at it*

Ayan: *watches Schu eat, trying to ignore Yotan's amusement*

Schuldig: *snaps at yotan* MUST you watch me eat?

Yotan: *smirk* you planning to take the tray down yourself, mr. jellyfish?

Schuldig: *grr*

Ayan: *frowns* I'll bring it back down...*doesn't want them arguing*

Yotan: Suit yourself. *grins, singsong* Nighty night! *waves and fairly skips out the door*

Schuldig: *mutters several uncomplimentary things in three different languages*

Ayan: *kisses Schu's cheek* //Eat. He did that on purpose, you know.//

Schuldig: *manages to finish his soup, pushing the tray away, making a face*

Ayan: *moves the tray, raising an eyebrow at the face Schu makes* //Was it that bad?//

Schuldig: // it was good. // *settles back down, closing his eyes* // tired.. //

Ayan: *cuddles him* //Then sleep. I'll be here with you.//

Schuldig: // *in german* i'm glad to be home... // *drifting off*

Ayan: *strokes Schu's hair, watching him drift off*
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