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A kitten and a cheetah...

Schu: *comes up behind his chair, wraps arms around his neck* Morning. *light yawn before letting go*

Ayan: Afternoon is more like it. *smiles* Sleep well? *sets book down after marking page*

Schu: *sits next to him, trying to wake up still* Ja..

Ayan: *small smile, braiding little pieces of Schu's hair* I think you look good with braids. *started when Schu was still trying to wake up* Is the coffee helping any? *purr*

Schu: *leaning back, eyes closed in bliss* Mm-hmm... *sips, both hands on the cup*

Ayan: Good. *shyly kisses Schu's cheek before resuming braiding*

Schu: *smiles a bit, reaching up to finger his hair as he moves away*

Ayan: *tilts head to the side* Don't like it? *pauses in mid-braid*

Schu: I haven't even seen it yet. =)

Ayan: *smiles* And you won't get to until I'm finished. *winks* Need more coffee?

Schu: *sets cup down, stretches* Nah, I'm fine. *little smile* How are you this morning?

Ayan: I'm good, woke up early today for some reason. *sits back as Schu stretches* Have any plans for the day? *smile*

Schu: Hang around being lazy? *smirk* Why?

Ayan: Just wondered. *hugs lightly* Am not in the mood to go out today.

Schu: Then stay home with me. *snugs*

Ayan: That sounds good to me.

Schu: *kisses the top of Ayan's head, pulling Ayan to lean against him*

Ayan: *smiles and purrs as he snuggles close* This is nice.

Schu: *kisses his cheek softly, light smirk* Watch how you purr kitten. You might attract more attention than you're looking for. *snugs*

Ayan: *arches his eyebrow* Oh really? Don't see how purring can attract much attention. *laughs quietly*

Schu: *half-lidded expression* I could show you... but... *light smirk*

Ayan: *tilts head back to look at Schu's face* Silly. *leans up and lightly kisses him before blushing a bright red and hiding his face*

Schu: *smilesmirk, pulls Ayan's hands from his face and kisses him more fully*

Ayan: *snuggles against Schu* You're good at that. *blushes*

Schu: *gently nibbles Ayan's ear* I'm good at a lot of things..

Ayan: *chuckles lightly* And you're modest too. *touches Schu's cheek gently and smiles at him*

Schu: *smirks* Can't help what I am. *leans into the touch, light grin*

Ayan: *smiles brightly* Wouldn't want you to. It's what makes you Schu, ne? *tugs slightly on one of the braids* Did you want to see my handiwork?

Schu: Sure *laughing*

Ayan: *grabs hand mirror off coffee table and hands it to him* Here. *smiles*

Schu: *takes it, turns this way and that, admiring himself*

Ayan: *laughs quietly and rests his head against Schu's chest*

Schu: *strokes Ayan's hair, snuggles*

Ayan: *shyly twines fingers with Schu's and purrs softly* You don't mind just sitting here like this? *blinks up at him*

Schu: *light smirk* Now who's the kitten... should I mind?

Ayan: I suppose I am, but I have a cat name to live up to. *laughs* Sitting here in a quiet room doesn't quite fit your image, you know? *cuddles close* You're nice and warm...

Schu: *smirks* Even the devil needs time to rest.

Ayan: devil, hmm? *leans up to kiss his cheek*

Schu: *slow grin, brushes lips against Ayan's* You want me to be?

Ayan: *blushes lightly* ...hai... *hides face against Schu's neck* Do you want to be?

Schu: *grins, looking down and kissing his nose to answer*

Ayan: *smiles and trails his fingers over Schu's lips* You look happy. I'm glad.

Schu: *kisses Ayan's fingers, biting one lightly, smirking, looking at Ayan*
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