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[Ayakins is fast asleep. It's time for the older muses to work.]

Yotan: *delicately* Ran... it's not going to do anything until you feed it.

Ran: *staring at the bunny in his lap* Shut up, Yoji.

Schu: *leaning against the back of the couch, smoking* Hey, I have an idea! *smirk*

Ran: *not looking up* What.

Schu: Okay we're running down the hall right?

Ran: Yes.

Schu: Why don't we just keep running and forget about Youji!

Yotan: O_O D-demo...

Ran: Hmmm... *petting the bunny*

Yotan: >___________>;;

Ran: *SMIRK*

Yotan: -__________-;; I'm so unappreciated...

Schu: >D

[As you can see. We're getting absolutely nothing done. As usual. *snort*]
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