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Maaka na Tsuki's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Maaka na Tsuki

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[Log] Coffee and Cheesecake [06 Jul 2004|03:15pm]

Cast: Crawford and Hanae (Manx)
Players: Moonsong & Lyra
Notes: A completely random log, in which Crawford realizes he's been working all day without a break and Hanae shows up to mother-hen him a bit.

coffee is the way into -this- man's heart...Collapse )
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**** Notice for A. Fujimiya [16 Feb 2004|11:01am]
Priority: Urgent
Importance: High
Clearance: TOP Secret-Confidential
Encryption: AcPxt2EuCjhmw1SD6Z/vHtEOe4lwAxL8

From: Crawford
To: A. Fujimiya

We have been assigned a mission, to commence at 1000 hours PDT on Friday, February 20, 2004. The initial roster will not include Schuldig. He must not be informed until the last minute as we will need his services rendered willingly and in full force at the end.

The success of this mission depends on his continuing ignorance of the situation.

I trust your silence on this matter.

B. Crawford
Special Operations
Rosenkreuz, Germany
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(log) Welcome Back Schwarz, Part 2: Crawford and Hanae [12 Jan 2004|07:53pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]

Cast: Crawford and Hanae (Manx)
Players: Moonsong & Lyra
Notes: The other section of Schwarz's homecoming, this time with Hanae trying to take care of Crawford...

Welcome home, CrawfordCollapse )

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(log) (PG) Welcome Back Schwarz: Schuldig, Ayan, Yotan [12 Jan 2004|07:26pm]

[ mood | amused ]

Cast: Schuldig, Ayan, and Yotan
Players: Moonsong & Lyra
Notes: Schwarz arrives back at the musehouse after two weeks away on a mission. Ayan (and Yotan) get to take care of an exhausted Schu.

Welcome Home, SchuCollapse )

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[21 Jul 2003|11:25pm]
[ mood | cynical ]

俺はさんぞだ。 ライラのミュースでいるはずけど。>.> 家の西翼棟は俺のだ。入るな。断らず入ようと決めれば、射殺しない保障はないぞ。そしてゴウジを責任を取らない。煩わしたら、俺の問題じゃない。

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Fleeting Memories 1/1 [21 Jul 2003|05:42pm]

[ mood | melancholy ]

Fleeting Memories
Rating: PG 13
Warnings: Het (Crawford/Manx)
Spoilers: Weiß Kreuz Original Series
Archive: No Archive

RP ficletCollapse )

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A kitten and a cheetah... [18 Jul 2003|06:02pm]

[ mood | happy ]

the start...Collapse )

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A Not So Typical Day.... [18 May 2003|01:21am]

[ mood | sore ]

*sigh* I hope Schu's not mad at me when he finds out about this. *shifts a little and winces* Since he wasn't in the apartment when I got the phone call, I couldn't tell him that I was going out on a mission. I did leave a note, but...

It was just supposed to be a simple recon mission, one of many similiar missions I've done since Omi took over as Persia. Get in, take down the numbers, see if I could get some photos of the leaders, grab some information. Really simple. Unfortunately, seems like this group had been tipped off that they were being watched. I had to fight my way out, which made me really glad I was carrying not only my sword, but my gun. Managed to complete my mission though, the information was sent off as soon as I got back.

I'm all patched up now, have an ice pack on my ribs, and I certainly won't be winning any beauty contest with the way I look at the moment. Ran...thanks for helping me take care of my wounds. x.x I was trying not to disturb anyone when I came home. Anyhow...I think I'm going to take some tylenol and stretch out on the couch...

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In a Darkened Room... [07 May 2003|08:21pm]
[ mood | satisfied ]

lyra: Are chibi and his niichan(s) still being all secretive?
raz: actually. >.>
raz: they want you in the kitchen. >.>
lyra: Orrroo...o.o *heads towards the kitchen...with neesan in tow* XD
raz: o.o *is towed*
lyra: I have the feeling the other two aren't going to be coming down anytime today. :P *hugs*
raz: *smirk*
lyra: *opens kitchen door and peeks in cautiously*
ran: *throws on the lights, slight smile*
lyra: 0.0 Kyaaaaaa! You guys shouldn't have...*beams*

MoreCollapse )

So that's the update from our combined muse-houses. Everyone's still alive, mostly well, and more than a little insane. Thank you for stopping by. *bows*

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Just another day in the muse house... [06 May 2003|06:18pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Had a busy day today. *smiles* I restructured the second floor of the house to include a kitchenette, so now it's more of an apartment for me. Now I don't have to worry about disturbing any of the others downstairs.

Gave Lyra yet another bunny to work on yesterday...judging by the glare she sent my way, she wasn't pleased. *tiny smirk* It's not my fault she's a slow writer. I'll just keep nudging her to work on Siren. Maybe it'll get finished sometime this year. x.x

Oh...*looks very shy suddenly* I was wondering if maybe you'd spar with me sometime, Ran? You don't have to if you don't want to. Just thought I'd ask...

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Bunnywork [24 Apr 2003|01:09am]
[ mood | frustrated ]

[Ayakins is fast asleep. It's time for the older muses to work.]

Yotan: *delicately* Ran... it's not going to do anything until you feed it.

Ran: *staring at the bunny in his lap* Shut up, Yoji.

Schu: *leaning against the back of the couch, smoking* Hey, I have an idea! *smirk*

Ran: *not looking up* What.

Schu: Okay we're running down the hall right?

Ran: Yes.

Schu: Why don't we just keep running and forget about Youji!

Yotan: O_O D-demo...

Ran: Hmmm... *petting the bunny*

Yotan: >___________>;;

Ran: *SMIRK*

Yotan: -__________-;; I'm so unappreciated...

Schu: >D

[As you can see. We're getting absolutely nothing done. As usual. *snort*]

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== RAN == [22 Apr 2003|08:30am]
[ mood | annoyed ]


Schu, Yoji, and I moved over here so raz wouldn't have to sacrifice her icons. It feels strange to be posting again... and walking into the bunny hutch was very odd after all this time. The Believe bunny is alive and well... surprising since none of us have been working on it. Schu is confident we can get it moving again- as long as he doesn't feed it another strawberry cupcake I think we will be all right.

And yes, I am being forced to post this. *glares at writer* So there it is.

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~*~ Ayan ~*~ [21 Apr 2003|12:31pm]

[ mood | thankful ]

Well, my first post here. *smiles a little* I figured I should hold off until I had actually met all of the others here, just to play it safe. Sorry for startling you Sunday morning, Yotan. Schu never warned me that you might come to wake him up. *blush*

Thanks to everyone for making me feel welcome. Especially you, Schu. No one else has really taken the time to take me out dancing, or just to have some fun. I was starting to feel like some unseemly secret that was meant to be hidden away. >.> I can understand why Ly and Raz were hesitant for me to meet Yotan and the others, but still... Oh well, that's over now, ne?

*adjusts reading glasses* If anyone wants me, I'll be in the library upstairs. *shy smile*

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Razzy's Office [29 Mar 2002|05:30am]

[ mood | anxious ]

Ria: *Clears throat* Hello. I-um-know we had a brief discussion about the children before..and I do agree that certain uh-elements in the mansion are not suited to minors.
*Rubs back of neck and sighs* But, you see, Salem came anyway. *Gestures to the tall raven haired boy leaning against the doorjamb grinning.*
...and he wants to stay.

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Introduction: Scatterings [13 Oct 2001|03:00am]
[ At the knock, Schuldig opens the door to the office, revealing four rather hesitant figures on the other side. The three men- one redhead, one with (probably) dyed blue-violet hair, and one raven- hovered protectively over the only girl in the group, a shy looking thing with a red and black striped mane. ]

Schuldig: *peers* Hel~lo.
Arianrod: *peeks out at Schu from behind her niichan and Chris* Hi.
Schuldig: Well, come on in. Sit wherever.

[ The entire group files inside, standing loosely in a clump in front of the desk. ]

Kosaku: Yo! *Smiles* So, what's the dope?
Schuldig: *smirks* Could ask you the same thing.
Christian: *gives Schu a cursory glance* Hey.
Schuldig: *eyes Chris* Nice... outfit. *flirtatiously to Ari* Guten tag, liebling.
Arianrod: *blushes* Ano...what's your name?
Schuldig: *sidles up to her & whispers* Guilty...
Arianrod: *squeaks a bit and jumps* Guilty? *blinks curiously*
Riathynn: *Bristles* Hey, not so close.
Kosaku: *Takes the opportunity to place himself between Ari and Schu*
Schuldig: *raises an eyebrow but takes a step back* Ah, you DO talk.
Christian: *folds his arms across his chest as he carefully watches Schu*
Schuldig: *laughs and goes to sit on the desk* Oh you guys are going to be fun. Name's Schuldig. *trademark Schu grin*
Kosaku: *Has a small frown going* Ano...Aren't you supposed to conduct an interview?
Schuldig: In a way. I'm a telepath. Raz wanted me to see if you guys would fit in well here. *looks each of them over critically* So. Aside from the leather bondage bit, what else do you guys do?
Arianrod: *glomps onto Kosa's arm* Telepath? *arches her eyebrow and wonders if he knows of the special powers she and Ria have*
Schuldig: *smirks at her* You think it, I know it, babe.
Arianrod: Hmm...*raises her mental shields more* Don't call me babe, onegai.
Schuldig: *shrugs and turns to Kosa* You going to answer or what?
Christian: We're a goth band...and college students. *shrugs a little*
Kosaku: *Puts an arm around Ari* How does a guy fit in here, anyway? You know we're just a sweet, innocent group of provincial kids. You need a band, we're as good as you can get.
Schuldig: *smirks* Wearing clothes like that, I seriously doubt the innocent part. But anyway. *ducks behind the desk and fishes out two acoustic guitars* Let's see what you can do. *holds them out and waits to see who'll take them*
Kosaku: Sure, man. *takes both guitars and hands one to Ria* What'll it be?
Arianrod: Ano...*looks at the guitars, then at Kosa* Want to try Where The Wild Roses Grow?
Kosaku: Sure, sweetie. He looks like he'd appreciate the story. *Grins and does a quick tune job on the guitar*
Arianrod: Okay. *smiles and takes a deep breath* Ready when you two are.

[ The door to the office opens. ]

Nuriko: *peeks in* Ah... is this a bad time?
Schuldig: *smirks* Naah. Come on in, Nuri.
Arianrod: *turns around and blinks at the newcomer* Konnichiwa...
Schuldig: *to Nuriko* Goth band. Might be moving in for a while.
Nuriko: *squeals and bounces over to Ari* I LOVE your HAIR!!
Schuldig: *stifles a laugh*
Riathynn: *Stops just as he starts playing and stares at the purple haired... girl?* Ano....
Arianrod: *blushes* Arigato. *smiles at Nuri* I'm Arianrod. *holds her hand out*
Nuriko: *shakes it Nuri-style* Nuriko-chan! Dozo yoroshiku!
Riathynn: Uh...Hai. *Smiles slightly* We-we were just about to play for Mr...ehh...Schu.
Kosaku: *Watches Nuriko shake Ari's hand & turns to Chris* She's friendly.
Arianrod: Pleased to meet you. I love your robes, they're beautiful! *smiling*
Christian: *nods* Hai. *leaning against the wall*
Nuriko: *overhears the redhead & winks at him before turning back to Ari* Arigato! Would you introduce me to your friends there?
Arianrod: Sure. The tall redhead over there is Kosaku, and the violet-haired guy is Christian. The flustered looking guy over there is my niichan, Riathynn. Minna, this is Nuriko-san.
Nuriko: *curtseys* Hajimemashite.
Christian: *inclines his head to Nuri, a rougish smile on his lips* Hajimemashite.
Riathynn: *Nods to Nuriko*
Kosaku: *Bows and kisses Nuri's hand* Pleased to meet you! *Winks*
Nuriko: *bats his eyes and colors* The pleasure is mine.....
Schuldig: *suddenly starts laughing observing Kosa and Nuri*
Kosaku: *Looks at Schu with an arched eyebrow.* What are you laughing at, dude?
Schuldig: Nothing. *still snickering*
Nuriko: *looks back over at Ari* If you guys want, I can show you around now. We'll need to pick out rooms and-
Schuldig: Before you take off with them, I need to know a few things. Like how many people total you guys are bringing along.
Kosaku: We get an entourage? *Chuckles* Sweet!
Schuldig: *laughs* I'm asking you "dude."
Arianrod: Ano...us four...and Ka-chan...
Riathynn: *firmly* Masaya.
Arianrod: *eyes wide* Hai. Noru too then. And Julian?
Christian: *firm nod*
Kosaku: That's it then. Unless you wanna bring the kids...
Schuldig: *chokes* No kids.
Riathynn: *looks at him sharply*
Schuldig: *stares right back* Look, pretty boy. You want your kids living in the same house as me?
Riathynn: Iie...
Nuriko: *to Schu* Are they just working on one bunny or more?
Schuldig: *shrugs* Depends on them.
Riathynn: *Looks at Ari* //Bunny? I....feel very out of place here imouto. Don't you?//
Arianrod: //A little I suppose...// *looks around at everyone* //This is all very odd indeed.//
Schuldig: *looks at them* Have you guys been told ANYthing of what goes on around here?
Arianrod: *shakes her head* Iie, nothing. Just told to come for an interview...
Nuriko: *moves to stand beside the desk* Basically, we're here to write fiction. Most of us breed plotbunnies and raise them until they're fully written.
Riathynn: *sets the guitar down and moves to stand next to his twin* //Think he hears us?//
Arianrod: //It's possible. He feels like a very strong telepath.//
Schuldig: Yes, I can. But not if you shield me out specifically.
Nuriko: *glares at Schu* I'm trying to make them feel comfortable here baka!
Schuldig: *smirks* Be my guest.
Nuriko: *turns back to them* You'll get the hang of it after a while.
Arianrod: *blinks* Okay... *rummages for a small notebook in her purse and makes a note to herself about shielding around Schu*
Kosaku: *Flops into a free chair* Okay, so what the hell is a plotbunny?
Nuriko: Well, you know how fics are written, right? Mainly, we give writer, in this case, Moonsong-san, an idea. Around here, we call that "breeding a plotbunny." In our case though, they materialize as real, actual bunnies. *points to a row of cages above the desk* See those?
Arianrod: Hai...
Schuldig: *in a fit of whimsy, gets up and gestures to the row Vanna White style*
Riathynn: *Goes to peer at the cages*
Arianrod: *stifles a laugh at Schu's actions*
Nuriko: *rolls eyes at Schu and takes one of the carriers out* See, this one's the one me and Tas are working on.
Arianrod: *comes over and very gingerly pets the bunny*
Nuriko: It's a chapter bunny... mainly about him being involved with my younger sister, Kourin.
Arianrod: *smiles and giggles* The bunny seems to be content...and it's cute.
Nuriko: *smiles* It's young still and very impressionable. I just want to make sure it goes well for her. *winks at Ria* You can understand that, ne?
Riathynn: *Smiles sweetly and nods* Hai, I can.
Kosaku: So what happens to these bunnies when they are all grown up?
Nuriko: We let them loose outside. Basically, that means that that particular bunny is done being written- the story is complete. There's still a possibility that the bunnies out there will breed new plotlines though we're always on the watch for those too.
Arianrod: Ahh...so everyone works on different bunnies at the same time?
Schuldig: *smirks*
Nuriko: Moonsong-san doesn't like it, but yes. I'm only working on one at the moment but he's got three. *points at Schu*
Arianrod: Ahh. Okay. *nods a bit, then blinks at Schu*
Schuldig: *smirks at her* Mine are in a different section.
Arianrod: Ohh...
Kosaku: Section 8? *Grins*
Schuldig: *winks at her* Don't think your bro over there would approve of me telling you about them.
Arianrod: *blinkblink* OH....*blushes profusely*
Riathynn: *Obviously doesn't get it*
Arianrod: //Ano...I believe his bunnies are... rather... explicit...// *blushes even more profusely as she tells Ria that*
Schuldig: Shield, liebling.
Arianrod: *pulls her mental shields up and leaves them that way*
Schuldig: *smirks*
Arianrod: *blush*
Riathynn: //Ohhhh....So, he's one of those// *Frowns.* Quit calling my sister that, please? Just call her by her name.
Schuldig: Sure Ri~a~thynnnnnn.
Nuriko: *hits Schu* Ano... when would the rest of your friends be arriving?
Christian: *watches the redhead fly into the wall and whistles softly, impressed* You're good.
Nuriko: *grin* You have no idea.
Christian: It will take them a bit to get things together, so...maybe late tonight...or tomorrow? Ka-chan should be able to get here quick.

[ Door opens again and a light blue-haired girl bounces in. ]

Kaori: You called, Chris-kun? *glomps him* This place is like, huge! I thought I would never actually find you guys. You should really wait for me you know! *Pays no attention to her surroundings*
Christian: *is glomped by the perky blue-haired whirlwind* Hey, Ka-chan. You got all the instruments and stuff? *hugs her*
Kaori: Of course! Don't I always make sure we have everything? *Smiles sunnily at Nuri and holds out her hand* Hi! I'm Kaori! Pleased to meet ya! Your hair is like, so awesome!
Nuriko: *smiles his best infectious smile* Konnichiwa! Atashi wa Nuriko-chan!
Schuldig: *picking himself off the floor grumbling* I do not get paid enough to do this... *grumblegrumblemutter*
Riathynn: *Blinks at Schu.* You get paid? To do this?
Schuldig: *stares at Ria* In bunnies. And off time. *stretches stiffly and makes his way back to the desk* Raz has another place where we can vacation. Just got back actually. *rubs his neck* Dammit Nuriko!
Nuriko: *smiles sweetly*
Arianrod: *giggling at her hyperactive friend* Will minna be here by tonight?
Kaori: Oh sure, Ari-chan! Masaya was fussing with his garden when I left. I guess he's scared it will die while he's gone. But they'll be here when Jules wakes up.
Schuldig: *counting off in his head* So that's... 7 of you?
Arianrod: 8 of us, actually.
Schuldig: Okay. 8. *makes a note* How many bedrooms do you need? *is all business now, his exhaustion catching up to him*
Arianrod: Umm...5...unless Ka-chan wants to stay with Kosa. Teehee!
Kosaku: Hey now! What is wrong with staying with me? *Waggles eyebrows*
Kaori: No. I want my own room, red. *smiles* Kosa snores.
Arianrod: *giggles*
Schuldig: Ohhh, shot down. *snickers* 5 then.
Arianrod: Chris, you and Jules need a dark room, right?
Schuldig: *bites back a comment*
Arianrod: *throws a look at Schu*
Schuldig: *is almost choking on his comment*
Nuriko: *rolls eyes* Ignore him.
Arianrod: *sighs* Is he like this often?
Nuriko: Actually... *blinks* no. He's usually worse.
Arianrod: Oh...
Nuriko: Think he's still tired from traveling. They just got in today.
Schuldig: WILL you two stop talking about me like I'm not HERE?
Arianrod: Ahh. I can understand that. *stretches a little*
Nuriko: Tired, ne? Do you want to rest up a bit before you go back? I can show you guys around. Pick those rooms?
Arianrod: Sure, we can do that. *smiles up at him*
Schuldig: *waves them off* Go ahead. I've got some things to catch up on.
Nuriko: Wai! *grabs the two girls' hands and starts dragging them out the door* This is the main hallway. Kitchen is that way.... *keeps up chatter as he goes along*

(( Thanks to the awesome artists of Scatterings, Arion Morgan and Lyra Stormrider, for letting me play with your characters, as well as giving me the material for this initial post. Hope everything worked for you guys! ^_^ ))
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