Maaka na Tsuki (tsukinouta) wrote in bloodandroses,
Maaka na Tsuki

**** Notice for A. Fujimiya

Priority: Urgent
Importance: High
Clearance: TOP Secret-Confidential
Encryption: AcPxt2EuCjhmw1SD6Z/vHtEOe4lwAxL8

From: Crawford
To: A. Fujimiya

We have been assigned a mission, to commence at 1000 hours PDT on Friday, February 20, 2004. The initial roster will not include Schuldig. He must not be informed until the last minute as we will need his services rendered willingly and in full force at the end.

The success of this mission depends on his continuing ignorance of the situation.

I trust your silence on this matter.

B. Crawford
Special Operations
Rosenkreuz, Germany
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