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A Not So Typical Day....

*sigh* I hope Schu's not mad at me when he finds out about this. *shifts a little and winces* Since he wasn't in the apartment when I got the phone call, I couldn't tell him that I was going out on a mission. I did leave a note, but...

It was just supposed to be a simple recon mission, one of many similiar missions I've done since Omi took over as Persia. Get in, take down the numbers, see if I could get some photos of the leaders, grab some information. Really simple. Unfortunately, seems like this group had been tipped off that they were being watched. I had to fight my way out, which made me really glad I was carrying not only my sword, but my gun. Managed to complete my mission though, the information was sent off as soon as I got back.

I'm all patched up now, have an ice pack on my ribs, and I certainly won't be winning any beauty contest with the way I look at the moment. Ran...thanks for helping me take care of my wounds. x.x I was trying not to disturb anyone when I came home. Anyhow...I think I'm going to take some tylenol and stretch out on the couch...
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