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~*~ Ayan ~*~

Well, my first post here. *smiles a little* I figured I should hold off until I had actually met all of the others here, just to play it safe. Sorry for startling you Sunday morning, Yotan. Schu never warned me that you might come to wake him up. *blush*

Thanks to everyone for making me feel welcome. Especially you, Schu. No one else has really taken the time to take me out dancing, or just to have some fun. I was starting to feel like some unseemly secret that was meant to be hidden away. >.> I can understand why Ly and Raz were hesitant for me to meet Yotan and the others, but still... Oh well, that's over now, ne?

*adjusts reading glasses* If anyone wants me, I'll be in the library upstairs. *shy smile*
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