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[Log] Coffee and Cheesecake

Cast: Crawford and Hanae (Manx)
Players: Moonsong & Lyra
Notes: A completely random log, in which Crawford realizes he's been working all day without a break and Hanae shows up to mother-hen him a bit.

He'd lost track of the time. That in itself wasn't unusual. What was different was that he actually realized he'd lost track of time. Under normal circumstances, he wouldn't have paused from his work until Schuldig or some other interruption breezed into his office demanding his attention elsewhere. Sliding his glasses off, Crawford rubbed the bridge of his nose and glanced at the clock on his computer.

5:09 PM

He'd been working straight for six hours.

Pausing briefly outside the office door, Hanae quickly rapped on it before turning the knob and quietly slipping inside. She held a tea cup and saucer steadily in one hand, closing the door behind her and making her way over to the desk to set it down out of the way.

"I figured you could use something to drink, since you've been in here for so long," she murmured, flashing a quick smile and straightening, to let him know she didn't mean to interrupt his work.

Crawford blinked as the redhead entered his office. If he hadn't known any better, he would have thought that the brief break was something of an unclarified vision that she had been about to enter. He didn't stop to think about it though and simply smiled, a small reserved expression, as she laid the tea in front of him.

"Thank you," he answered and minimized his windows. It was a habit so ingrained in him, he didn't even have to think about it. Leaning back in his chair, he took a tentative sip, eyes he hadn't realized were burning, closing as he settled into his chair.

"You're welcome." Hanae watched him for a long moment, taking in the expression on his face, and the way he moved, trying to judge how tense he was probably going to be by the time he finished his work. "Have you eaten anything yet today?"

She knew she was mother-henning him, as her friends tended to say, but she couldn't help it. After all, he didn't look after himself all that well when he got started on work.

He looked up at her blankly as if the concept of food had never been introduced to him, then instinctively cast his eyes down again, face assuming his usual air of bored indifference.


He tended to be less guarded around her but old habits die hard. Even if he wanted to be more open- he was still of two minds about it- doing so was proving harder than it seemed, particularly after a session of mind-numbing report-writing. At least he had admitted that he hadn't eaten. That was a step.

"Do you want me to bring you something? I haven't made dinner yet...but I did make a cheesecake earlier..." she offered tentatively, knowing that it would probably be refused.

She hoped that she wasn't annoying him, but she did get concerned when he went without eating for so long. His 'poker face' expression was excellent, and sometimes it was hard to tell what he thought about her bothering him like this.

"I should finish-" he caught himself. "That would be... nice." The words were forced, not out of politeness but from a being unused to admitting such things. He didn't meet her eyes.

Hanae could hear the hesitance in his voice, just because she had dealt with much the same from the many Kritiker agents she'd worked with in the past. "All right. I'll be right back." She kept her voice cheerful but quiet, and turned to head back down to the kitchen.

He drained his tea by the time the door closed again.

It was a few minutes later when Hanae returned, but she came back carrying a tray this time, with a plate of cheesecake on it and another cup of tea, despite the fact that he hadn't finished the first before she'd left. She figured he was probably somewhat dehydrated, considering he'd been at work for so long.

"Here. I was experimenting a bit, and decided to try my hand at a coffee-flavored cheesecake," she said, placing the plate and cup down before him before taking the empty tea cup.

His eyes widened. "Coffee cheesecake?"

"Aa. I thought it could be interesting." She paused, blinking down at him. "I...can bring you something else if you prefer?"

Something almost like a greedy little smile made a passing acquaintance with his expression before flitting away in the wake of self-control. "This is fine." He was about to dig in when he noticed she wasn't having any. "And you?"

"I had a small piece earlier." She gave him a slight smile, still holding the tray with the empty tea cup on it.

He gestured to the empty chairs in front of the desk. "Have a seat."

Blinking momentarily, Hanae set the tray down on the nearby table, out of the way, before taking a seat in one of the chairs and watching him. "Do you have a lot of work left?" she asked, folding her hands in her lap.

"A bit," he replied, settling back in his chair with the treat.

She fell silent then, looking around the office slightly. She still had to decide what to make for dinner, and perhaps get some exercising in before it was time to eat. "Do you have any preferences for dinner tonight?"

"I'm sure whatever you make will be fine."

"All right." Hanae gave a brief smile at that, trying to think of what she had that she could cook. Perhaps some sushi, there was still some fish for it, and it was quick.

He gave an answering smile, slipping another piece of cheesecake in his mouth, savoring the rich flavor.

Relaxing a bit as she saw that he was enjoying the dessert, she glanced toward the window, a little surprised to find that it was so late already. "It seems as though the day has just flown by..."

His eyes followed her gaze. "It has." His voice was even, hiding his surprise.

"I...should go and get dinner started, I suppose." She felt somewhat reluctant to leave though, finding being in here with him relaxing.

He said nothing, eyes on his plate.

After a long moment, Hanae rose to her feet, moving to pick the tray up again before she glanced over to see if he was finished with his cheesecake.

He wasn't. In fact, it seemed he hadn't even acknowledged she'd moved.

She blinked, then decided that she would come back up for the plate and other tea cup later, leaving him in peace with his work for now. Adjusting the tray so it was easier to carry, she quietly headed towards the door.

The voice intercepted her before she reached it. "Hanae."

The sound of her name stopped her, and she turned to look at him, a little surprised. "Yes?"

Rising from his chair- he still hadn't looked up, Crawford paced towards her, the empty plate in his hands.

Hanae waited quietly, to see what he would say or do.

Only when he had reached her did he lift his head, a genuine smile gracing his still-closed lips. "It was delicious, thank you." Deftly, he placed the plate on her tray, opening the door for her as well.

"You're welcome." She offered him a bright smile in return, turning to leave again. "I'll see you for dinner tonight?"

"Of course." He lingered at the door. "The usual time?"

Hanae gave a quick nod, tipping her head up to look at him again. "Don't overwork yourself."

He nodded, mildly amused.

Hesitating a moment longer, she leaned up and kissed his cheek before moving toward the kitchen again.
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